Puerto Vallarta Event Calendar

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Whether you’re vacationing in Puerto Vallarta today, tomorrow, next week or next month, a diverse array of events awaits. The year-round gorgeous weather and friendly, fun-loving locals mean that there’s something happening every day and every night. Come join the Puerto Vallarta locals at any number of seasonal festivals, holiday celebrations and sporting, cultural and culinary events. 

To find out what’s going on in Puerto Vallarta during your visit, please view our event calendar.

Art Walk

The local Art Walk season starts on the last Wednesday of October and runs weekly until May. Each of the main galleries of the city schedule several exhibition openings, offering cocktails in honor of the presenting artist.

Sailfish and Marlin Tournament

With over half a century of tradition, this event gathers some of the most skilled fishermen from Mexico, United States and Latin America. Some varieties of fish that can be caught include: marlin, sailfish, snapper, tuna and dorado.

Puerto Vallarta Half Marathon

It’s the only five-kilometer athletic run set at the unmatched natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta. Each year this event brings together hundreds of participants from Mexico and abroad who are known for their competitive spirit.

Pilgrimage of Our Lady Guadalupe

As in all Mexico, Puerto Vallarta comes alive with the colorful procession honoring the female patron saint of Mexico, the Virgin of Guadalupe. For twelve consecutive days, processions through the main city avenues culminate at the cathedral. The festival concludes with a fireworks display, mass and mariachi singing of the “Las Mañanitas” (happy birthday) song during the early hours of December 12th.

National Charro Championship

National Charro Championship provides the opportunity to witness the excellence of this “national sport,” the art of riding in competitions, with best exponents of the national horsemanship. As additional events, there are rodeos, music, food and the traditional charro parade along the Malecón.

Independence Day

Malecon and Puerto Vallarta Main Square revive until late evening September 15th. With the presence of municipal, civil and military authorities, residents proudly remember the Independence of Mexico and enjoy live music and the outdoor fireworks display.

Puerto Vallarta Anniversary

On the last day of May, a double anniversary is celebrated, first as a municipality and second as a city. Visitors and locals enjoy a celebration that includes a huge commemorative cake, free concerts at the Malecon and, of course, the impressive fireworks display to finish the night.

Restaurant Week

This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the rich culinary offerings in Puerto Vallarta. During the last two weeks of May, the most renowned restaurants in the bay provide a special three-course meal at a set price that reaches 50 percent off of its regular charge.

Turtle Release Season

From June to January, thousands of Ridley turtles come to the shore of the beaches of Puerto Vallarta to lay their eggs. Municipal authorities, universities and hotels participate in the program to protect and conserve hatching for this endangered species, releasing them into the wild once they are born.

Charro Day

The National Día del Charro celebration in Puerto Vallarta, starting with an early parade strolling through the main city streets, attracts crowds of visitors and locals. At dusk, the party continues with demonstrations of horsemanship abilities, dancing and traditional music.