S certificate in sustainability logo


All of the hotels in the Hoteles Buenaventura collection have earned an “S Certificate,” which is awarded to hotels following best practices for sustainability and environmental responsibility. We are very proud to share with you the sustainable activities and practices that the Hoteles Buenaventura Group has been doing throughout the years.

Our goal at Hoteles Buenaventura Group is to aim towards a high level of comfort for our guests while promoting a sense of wellbeing for our coworkers through continuous improvement of our business policies and procedures.

We integrate our values and principles on the basis of our successes and the sustainability of the company. We continue learning with an attitude of humility, great optimism, gratitude and love for our fellow man and respect for nature.

Our commitment to the environment

  • Daily measurements and analysis of our energy consumption in order to implement actions that will minimize our daily use of natural resources and work toward preserving our environment.
  • Betterment of our internal waste management. Encouraging recycling operation wide. Continual inspections of our waste management partner to ensure proper disposal that supersedes minimal standards set by current environmental laws.
  • Perform inspections of all suppliers to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and quality are being met. Work with all suppliers to ensure all products being supplied are environmentally safe and friendly.

Our commitment to society

  • Share with our associates/partners our commitment with the National Code of Conduct for the protection of Youth and encourage everyone to adopt these measures. Broaden our collaborations to create a common united front to protect our most treasured asset, our youth.
  • Continual support to Orchestral School of Puerto Vallarta whose main objective is to create better citizens through music. The primary focus is to benefit children of underprivileged and low-income areas developing skills that will enable them to become productive and contributing citizens in life.
  • Organize activities designed to benefit the most underprivileged citizens of our community by continuing our actions with the Regional Hospital providing for the families of the ill and impoverished where our coworkers and guests can become active participants to such causes.

Our commitment to our coworkers

Continuously support our coworkers professional growth by providing educational scholarships, workshops and training opportunities. Promote health and fitness awareness and encourage recreational activities and social gatherings where our coworkers can actively participate.