Discover our one of a kind Spa in Puerto Vallarta

Want to feel relaxed and rejuvenated during your stay at our spa hotel in Puerto Vallarta? Would you like to leave behind daily stress and enjoy a little time for yourself? Escape to the "Piedra Viva" holistic spa. We promise to immerse you in an oasis of total tranquility inspired by the natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta.

Escape to Tranquility

Our spa is a locally inspired sanctuary featuring charming palapa-roof cabins tucked among lush, tropical gardens and a soothing brook. Here, you can indulge with a massage, a body wrap, a facial or a body exfoliation and feel all of your anxieties slip away. Also, you can join us for the authentic “temazcal” sweat lodge ritual to purify your body of toxins. All of our treatments take place in an outdoor-style spa with palapa roof cabins surrounded by vegetation and a relaxing water brook. At our exquisite hotel spa in Puerto Vallarta, we’ve created a retreat of tranquility, peace and wellness that will eliminate stress and inspire your senses.


9:00 am - 6:00 pm

All spa services have an additional charge



Packages Individual Luna

A relaxing massage of 50 minutes plus a moisturizing facial of 35 minutes; it is used to promote wellness, eliminate tension, reduce pain and stimulate circulation. It is an ancient technique of manual contact on the skin and muscles.

Packages Individual Sol

A 50-minute deep tissue massage paired with a 35-minute moisturizing facial. Rejuvenating and ideal for those with back pain or muscle soreness. Therapeutic, employing slow strokes and deep finger pressure for deeper muscle relief.

Packages Eclipse

Massage with pressure of your choice, with aromatherapy. We will work on your problem areas, including but not limited to: back, neck, shoulders, and arms. If you would like a full body massage, please let us know.

Packages Temazcal

Live a unique experience participating in the sacred tradition of the Temazcal. An ancient activity, centered in a sweat lodge, performed by an authentic shaman. (Prior appointment 2 days in advance, for a maximum of 10 people and a minimum of 5 per session). 

Body exfoliations

For smoother, younger looking skin, we offer a variety of body exfoliations with coffee, chocolate, green tea, red fruit and after-sun options.


Indulge in specialized massages: back, tired legs, relaxing, therapeutic, deep tissue, reflexology, hot stones, and facial (anti-aging, hydrating, deep cleansing). Choose your preferred duration. Book now to immerse yourself in a wellness oasis!


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